• 3 weeks
  • The University of Dodoma

The government of the united republic of Tanzania, through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology promise to extend support to researchers on innovation of artificial intelligence for the economic and scientific development of the country. 

The statement is given by the Deputy Minister for Education, Science and Technology Hon Omary J. Kapinga while officiate the first international conference on the advancement of artificial intelligence at AICC-Arusha Tanzania.

Hon Kapinga said that, the innovation of the artificial intelligence is a result government directions to the ministry of education, science and technology to review curriculums and let ICT subjects to be taught from primary education to university.

‘In 2021,when president Samia Suluhu Hassan addressing the parliament for the first time, she direct my ministry to supervise the curriculum and education policy, to give space for the ICT subject to be taught from primary school to university, and this innovation of artificial intelligence is a result of this directions’ Said Hon Kapinga 

When addressing the conference, the vice chancellor of the University of Dodoma, Prof Lughano Kusiluka said that, artificial intelligence is still new technology, and Tanzania is not left behind with this technology, I congratulate our scientists and researchers for this major achievement. The technology of artificial intelligence should not be afraid to be used in academic, but we have to get prepared to use effective and positively so that it will never replace our human nature.

‘Artificial intelligence has to solve different challenges in academic, and other areas like medicine, but it does not replace the human nature, this is why even students in university use artificial intelligence in their academic writings, still they have to defend it physically in front of the panel so that to use natural intelligence’ Added Prof Kusiluka.

The first international conference on the advancement of artificial intelligence in African context with the theme being the role of artificial intelligence towards the realisation of the 4th and 5th industrial revolutions aims at strengthening capacity through a bigger network of researchers, academicians and industrial practitioner working to realise the role of AI on the continent industrial revolution that span  from automation, food production, smart and strong economy and enhanced health care

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