Directorate of Research, Publications and Consultancy (DRPC)

About DRPC

The Directorate of Research, Publications and Consultancy (DRPC) is mandated to lead the University of Dodoma (UDOM) into excellence of research and consultancy. It strives to attain the objectives by coordinating research teams, mobilizing resources, and building capacity to researchers at all levels to develop and succeed. Moreover, DRPC creates good environment to support researchers by putting in place supportive policies and guidelines that promote innovation and protect Intellectual property.

Furthermore the following are the function of the DRPC

- Provide reference guidance to improve availability of research and innovation funds.

- Provide enabling environment for conducting research and innovation including strategic and operational guidelines, frameworks, agenda and priorities as well as regular reviews.

- Enhance the linkage between UDOM research and innovation activities at different levels with national research and innovation and development priorities.

- Provide minimum standards that guide research and innovation capacity building including the areas of ethics, human resources, institutional collaboration, ownership of research materials (intellectual property right), quality assurance etc.

- Ensure research and innovation facilities are available and their utilization is at optimal levels.

- Provide a framework that guides staff motivation towards research and innovation that increase visibility of the UDOM

- Provide guidelines that ensure a well-integrated teaching and research at all levels and across all University entities.

- Encourage and enhance dissemination of research and innovation information and knowledge.

- Create framework for monitoring and evaluation of research and innovation activities across different entities of the University.