Directorate of Research, Publications and Consultancy (DRPC)

What We Do

Research and Consultancy Bureau

The RCB is headed by a coordinator who gathers research and consultancy opportunities, and present to researchers. Moreover, the unit mobilizes and facilitates researchers to write proposals that respond to the presented opportunities. It also maintains research and consultancy databases to promote visibility of the University to external world.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

The IEC role is to promote the application of research outputs to improve processes, services and products. The center is led by the head who plans and oversees the implementation of various programs. On one hand, the center defines Innovation as the application of research outputs that add value to existing practices. On the other hand, Entrepreneurship is an act of creating businesses and/or taking financial risks in the hope of making profit. In a calendar year, the center runs a number of programs that build capacity to staff, students and community to innovation and entrepreneurship.


  1. Research focus area

UDOM promotes all research that aim refine and advance knowledge in the fields of life sciences, physical sciences, information and communication technology, education, natural resources, social sciences, humanities and engineering. Specific research titles will be posted by hosting department from time to time guided by existing national and institution research framework

  1. Our Researchers

​​UDOM has heterogeneous academic staff that come from different academic disciplines. This diversity enriches our ability to perform multi-disciplinary research studies. The following link presents a database of researchers with their areas of specialization.

  1. Research projects

Currently, there are number of continuing research projects administered by UDOM academic staff. The table below summarizes the on-going research activities by pointing Principal investigator, title of the project, duration, funder, and the value of the project.

Research Facilities

At UDOM there are a number laboratories (labs) distributed at Colleges and Schools that enhance researchers from different discipline to conduct cutting edge studies. Apart from Cloud Computing Labs, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering labs which are installed with CRO, Signal generators, Spectrum analyzers and full electronics kits, The labs at colleges specializing in physical and life sciences are installed with equipment such as Induced Coupled Plasma-Optic Emission Spectroscopy, Higher Performance Liquid Chromatography, UV-vis spectrophotometer, PCR, Fiber analyzer, Physical Chemical Instrument, Microscope and Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscope (MP-AES).


The researchers at UDOM are actively publishing in various national and international forums as described in the following few selected papers.

Consultancy projects

Due to the richness of numerous academic disciplines ranging from life sciences, informatics, physical sciences, humanities as well as social sciences, UDOM has registered a number of consultancy projects. Our consultants always deliver required outputs timely and at required standards supported closely by the directorate. The following are few selected examples of the registered projects.